Upgrade v New

Need a new computer?

Is you computer suffering from ‘old age’, or not able to run the latest software? Then it’s probably time for an upgrade, or replacement.

We can help you with upgrading the important components of your existing computer, getting more use from your investment; or we can custom build a new system for you.

Business in Mind Computer Upgrades

Business In Mind Computer Services will upgrade your existing computer by replacing parts where needed. An old computer can still do the jobs you need it to do, and perform better with an upgrade.

We will advise you on which parts need changing and provide you with prices.  This could be the most cost-effective way of getting a faster computer.

Business in Mind New Computers

We can custom build a computer to suit your needs. Don’t pay for what you will never use.

Tell us what you need or want to do with the computer, and we can build one to suit. Your new computer will come fully configured and updated (not just ‘out of the box’), delivered READY FOR USE. The hardware comes with the standard 12 month warranty. Plus a Business in Mind custom built computer comes with a 30 day No Fee Guarantee on the setup – if something doesn’t work, we will be back to fix it for free. Contact us today to talk pricing and timing.