Frequently asked questions



Q – What if it takes more than 3 hours to fix my computer?
A – All you will pay will be 3 hours regardless how long it takes. Note: We might take the computer to our workshop and return it to you at no extra cost.

Q – What if my computers break down again?
A – Within seven (7) days after invoicing we will return and fix it again for free.
Exceptions: If the problem is different or if the problem come from software or hardware installed after the repair you will be charge again.

Q – What if I don’t use my computer for 7 days and realize that it doesn’t work?
A – It is your responsibility to ensure that you are satisfied with the repair within the 7 days.

Q – What is a repair quote fee?
A – After we diagnostic your computer and tell you what need to be done, you have multiple choices.

  1. You agreed on the repair cost and we will waive the fee.
  2. You decide to postpone the repair. You then have to pay for the fee. If you go ahead with the repair within 30 days, we will deduct the fee from the repair cost.
  3. If you decide to not do the repair, do it yourself or use somebody else you then have to pay the quote fee.